Sienna International Group, LLC, continues to align itself with reputable and verifiable Sellers. Our current supplier operates out of USA and works directly with qualified buyers who have Logistics in place. No Discounts are available & only work off Platts.

Procedures for any real buyer are simple. Providing your buyers are fully capable, submission of the following information will be required:

  • Name of Company / Profile
  • Name of Principle of Company
  • Name of Bank
  • Name of (2) Senior Officers 

If for any reason any of this information can or will not be provided, it is unlikely that we or our seller, will consider your buyer(s) to be real.

New Petroleum Providers: Unless a Real Buyer presents themselves, the inquiry will go no further than our office, regardless of your association with our company - We cannot afford to jeopardize our relations with our sellers - These sellers will offer Contracts Only - No Spots!