Origin: Brazil

ICUMSA 45 - Brazil

Our ICUMSA45 (IC45) Refined White Cane Sugar is of the finest in the World and comes from the most sought after destination... Brazil. We offer the Best Possible Pricing from the most legitimate sellers - Period! - Don't waste your time price shopping, you'll only waste far too much time for yourself and your buyer - In the end, you will have nothing to show for it, but a lot of wasted hours.

UPDATE: We are again proud to announce, that Sienna International Group, LLC  has yet again aligned itself with a producer of Sugar which will offer our clientele Sugar in Containers. LOI and Financial Capabilities are required for consideration of sale along with the draft of LC text. Pricing is approximately London Market delivered. Shipment from Geneva. Procedures are non-negotiable.

Our long-term commitments with our sellers, puts us in a position to offer you quality, security and satisfaction.