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FAQ's - Answers from the not so kindhearted!

14. I am direct to a buyer, but there is 4 on my side, can we get paid equally?
YES! Take the commissions you are offered and split between each of you, because it's better than NOTHING at all!  Btw, how can you be direct to a buyer if there is (4) on your side??? Personally we don't care if you are adding your cousin, brother, distant friend or some unknown entity in the mix, you will not get anymore than what your group will be commissioned for. So you can have (1) or you can have (10) - There is only (1) PayMaster group for your side and you need to set up a Sub-Fee agreement to disperse to all your acquaintances. Stop Being GREEDY! 

15. I have been in the business for 4 years and never closed a deal, why?
Because you are either not working with real buyer, real sellers or working with groups of people that have no legitimate reason being in this industry. While you still believe in that million dollar paycheck, others who are successful in this industry are glad to earn a generous income. - Bottom line; deal with real people and you will see these numbers change. Again, Stop Being GREEDY! 

16. How can I become successful in this industry?
Success is measured differently by each of us. For the wise and educated, we measure it by concluding transactions without endless complications. To eliminate this, do your DD not only on the person you are working with, but the so-called buyer. Oh, did we mention, Stop Being GREEDY!

17. I have a Buyer issuing my company an LC and would like to reissue to your seller?
Not gonna happen! I cannot begin to tell you how many issues arise when this occurs. If you do not have the proper funding yourself to issue from your own funds, than you can kiss this procedure good bye. While we know you want to make $50 per MT to become rich, you should focus on establishing good relations with your buyer by giving him the best deal possible, while making a good sustainable income. And you know what?.... Stop Being GREEDY!

18. How can I 'Stop Being GREEDY'?
Get rid of all the non-performing riffraff of intermediaries and people you work with, and... 'Stop Being GREEDY!

19. Is it okay to lie to people or misrepresent offers?
WHAT!... Sure ABSOLUTELY, if you are a SCAMMER and a FRAUDSTER, because that's what you were born to do! - You have no job, no future, no skills... so, why are you still breathing? ... It is at this point we would 'Blacklist' you, and hope the federal authorities catch up with you. And you know ... Yup you guessed it, 'Stop Being GREEDY'!