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Frequently Asked Questions

6. Do you have 'High Seas Sugar' aka HSS?
What in the world is High Seas Sugar? A name invented by Scammers? I dunno! 

7. Does Sienna International Group accept solicitation offers from sellers?
Yes & No. Unless you are direct to a seller, as seller mandate or direct seller himself, and have valid verifiable proof, than the answer is Yes. Otherwise, we do not accept offers from 3rd party persons.

8. Does Sienna have buyers for various products?
Yes. We work with a large network of buyers & buyer groups.

9. Will we be 'Blacklisted' if we bring forth a buyer and they fail to perform?
For the most part, No. If however it has been determined that fraud or some sort of scam was part of your plan, than the answer is Yes!. If you continue to bring us non-performing and/or illegitimate buyers, than we will ban you from network. 

10. How are we to determine that a buyer is real?
Do your Due Diligence. Run as much search on the people and company claiming to be... DO NOT send us inquiries from B2B websites. These sites while legitimate in nature, do not have REAL Verifiable Buyers. They are other intermediaries just like yourself, getting inquiries from other intermediaries, who believe that every person who comes to them is a REAL buyer - It's a vicious cycle.

11. Are we able to add overpricing to quotes?
No! Commissions are based on set prices. 99% of our sellers, do not allow overpricing. Anyone who alters, or misrepresents quotes, procedures etc, issued by us or our sellers, will be immediately removed from our network and possibly Blacklisted.
12. Does Sienna issue SCO's?
NO! Not unless you know who your buyer is and exactly what they are looking for!
13. Do we need to issue name of buyer in order to receive SCO?
ABSOLUTELY YES! If you are unable to do so, than we will assume that you do not have a buyer and are not actively engaged with this supposed buyer. Unless we can determine that the buyer is real, again our assumption is that you are not engaged with a buyer, but another intermediary looking for prices. No longer tolerated or acceptable!